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  • 5.2 getElementById()
  • 5.2 getElementByName()
  • 5.2 getElementsByClassName()
  • 5.2 getElementsByTagName()

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The Document. write() method adds a string of text to a document stream that has been opened by document. open(). Because document.write() writes to the document stream, document.write() is called.

In DOM development, the document and window objects are the objects whose interfaces you utilise the most. In simple terms, the window object represents a browser, whereas the document object represents the document's root.

The operations you can execute on DOM objects (elements) are known as DOM Methods. Selecting an element, adding a new element, updating the element's content, changing CSS, removing an element are all DOM methods. Javascript is mostly used to manipulate and change HTML elements.

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a specification for document access. JavaScript can communicate with the browser using the Browser Object Model (BOM). The Element object in the HTML DOM represents an HTML element such as P, DIV, A, TABLE, or any other HTML element.

Date, Math, String, Array, and Object are all built-in objects.

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