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A wizard is a piece of software that runs on a commercial computer. It's used to run the Scada system.

The wizard is a software application that enables engineers to easily build, develop, and implement a control system. It is applicable to both analog and digital control systems. Wizards are classified into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The novice level includes fundamental tasks such as the ability to move a system from one location to another and switch it on and off. The intermediate level includes more features such as the ability to adjust parameters such as frequency and voltage. Finally, the expert level introduces more complex capabilities such as the ability to design systems with numerous controllers or to employ several types of sensors for inputs and outputs.

A switch operation is a way of turning a control or actuator on or off. Widard operation is the opposite of a switch operation. It is used to turn an actuator on or off by opening or closing it.

  • A switch operation is commonly used in SCADA when there is only one input that needs to be controlled. For example, if you need to turn off a water valve, you would use a switch operation as an input and then use an output command such as "turn off valve" or "close valve".
  • A widard operation can be used in situations where multiple inputs need to be controlled by one command. For example, if you have three different valves and want them all turned on at once, you would use a widard operation with three inputs and then use an output command such as "open valves

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