• Automated customer service is a system that takes care of all customer interactions, from the initial contact to the resolution of a problem. These systems are usually provided by companies that want to save costs and focus on their core business. They can be helpful for businesses with high volumes of calls or complaints.
  • Human-led customer service is when an employee handles each interaction individually, taking into account the needs and concerns of individual customers. These employees are trained on how to handle specific issues and can provide more personalized solutions than automated systems.

  • An automated customer service can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs in different ways. It can also be used to offer better services to customers, as it is capable of handling different types of inquiries in an efficient manner.
  • A good example of how this technology can help companies is by automating tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming for human agents. For instance, an automated customer service could handle repeat questions from customers about their account information or billing statements with ease, rather than having to deal with these inquiries individually every time they come in contact with a human agent.

A customer service project manager is any project manager who has the mindset of a client consultant. Their job is to liaise with both the client and the project team to ensure that the two parties' goals and priorities for the project are aligned.

Designing a CX programme entails developing a long-term, "big picture" strategy for improving customer experience. Creating CX projects entails taking your program's overall ideas and goals and applying them to specific actions.

The project customer is the beneficiary of the results of the project which are defined as ultimate deliverables. It is necessary for the project customer to inform the project team with his demands and requests in order to receive the desirable deliverable.

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