• To incorporate waits in tests, Selenium WebDriver supports three commands.
  • Waiting is implied.
  • Wait. Explicitly.
  • Wait for Fluent.
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There are a few different ways to click on a button in Selenium. The most popular way is clicking on the text field you want to find and pressing enter. Another way is selecting the button you want to click and then clicking on it with your mouse.

Selenium is a software testing framework that allows developers to automate their website interactions. It is used to test different elements of the website, such as login buttons, forms and more. The following steps will show you how to wait for a specific element with Selenium.

Selenium is a popular tool for automating web application testing. It provides a feature to click buttons on web forms so that the software tests can be run faster. There are several ways to click buttons in Selenium, some of which are more efficient than others.

You have not identified the button in your xpath; instead, you are pointing to the span tag within which the button is situated. Instead of pressing the button, Selenium presses the span key. As a result, click() isn't working. If an Id or name is available, please use it, or modify the xpath to include the button tag as well.

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