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In Selenium, the method TakesScreenshot is used to capture a screenshot. This instructs WebDrive to capture a screenshot and save it in Selenium. The output type for the needed screenshot is defined by OutputType in the above snippet.

Selenium is a web automation tool that allows you to automate functionalities of an app. It can be used to automate clicks, create screenshots and more.

In Selenium 4.0, we can use the getScreenshotAs(OutputType. File) method to collect screenshots of a certain element, where the OutputType specifies the screenshot's output type.

Selenium is a programming tool that uses web-based automation to help teams test software application. It works by applying functionalities of web browsers to automate the process of executing tests and other functionalities. For example, you can use Selenium to record mouse clicks and open up certain links in the application tested while running it in real time.

Headless Chrome has been available via the chrome command since version 59. (Note: you may need to add an alias to use the command). The —dump-dom flag, for example, can be used to get the DOM contents of a page. Instead, we can use the —screenshot flag to take a screenshot.

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