Selenium is a Python library and utility for automating a variety of operations in web browsers. Web scraping is one such method for extracting important data and information that would otherwise be unavailable.

Selenium is a web-based automation tool that is open-source. Selenium is mostly used in the business for testing, however it may also be used for web scraping. We'll use Chrome, but you may use any browser; it'll work almost as well.

To master web scraping, you'll need a solid understanding of two things: web page structures and data formats, as well as REST / SOAP APIs. Good hands-on expertise with at least one programming/scripting language, such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, and so on.

Python is widely regarded as the most effective web scraping language. It's more of an all-rounder, capable of handling the majority of web crawling tasks with ease. Beautiful Soup is one of the most extensively used Python frameworks, making scraping with this language a breeze.

Web scraping is a process used to collect data from the internet. There are many tools that can be used to scrape content. There are two main ways to scrape: by using a site's API and scraping HTML files. The former involves the use of code and the latter relies on browsing websites manually.

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