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Django has a templating system that allows it to generate HTML pages. Django uses the Python template language to create HTML pages. Templates are located in the templates directory and they each contain a set of Python code, which is used to render different parts of the given Django template. Django framework is handles and generates dynamically HTML pages that are visible to the end user. app level templets ate generally used in big project ot we want to provide a different layout to each component of our webpages.

forms are basically used to taking the user some input in manner and using that information are logically operation in database. for example: registering a form by user input her first name , last name , middle name , email id , pw, mobile number , and address. Django maps fields define the Django form in the HTML input field. The form Django is a Django application that helps to create forms. It provides a convenient way to collect input from the user and validate the input with help of Python's standard library. The Form Django framework consists of two components - Form - Field It simplifies the creation of forms for users.

Forms are designed to collect data from users. They are mostly used in web apps where the user interacts with the website. Django is a Web development framework that provides a range of forms to collect information from your users. Forms can also be used in any Python or non-Python software in order to receive inputted data. Forms in django provide convenient data validation and error-handling features for creating web forms for collecting information. It also provides features like templates, authentication, validations, and validations. There are two ways of using forms in Django - Form class or Form View class.

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