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The purpose of a project in Django is to provide an application that can be deployed on the web, whether it be a single-page app or an entire website. A project in Django can be created by starting with the Django Bootstrap template and customizing it to fit your needs. It can also be created from scratch using django-admin startproject.

A project is a set of related activities that are planned, coordinated, and managed to meet specific goals. An application is a software or service that people use on their computer or mobile device.

A Django application is a Python module that is designed to work with Django projects. Common Django conventions, such as having submodules for models, tests, urls, and views, can be used in an application.

A project is a Django-based web application. There is always only one project with multiple "apps" within it. So, for our blog web application, we must first construct it and give it a name, such as config. It's worth noting that we've included the optional period.

There is one bespoke admin module for managing orders, as well as multiple payment processor apps and warehouse integration apps that are exclusive to those 3rd party vendors. There are 15 apps in all.

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