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A database schema is a description of all tables, their columns, and their respective datatypes. To create, read, update, and delete data in a relational database, all database systems supported by Django employ the SQL language. The database tables themselves are also created, changed, and deleted using SQL.

SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are the three most used database management systems for Django. PostgreSQL is the preferred database for Django Web Apps, according to the Django community and official documentation.

  • Create a virtual environment and get the Django project up and running.
  • Make a new database.
  • Make a change to
  • Download and install the MySQL client package.
  • Execute the migrate command.

The following databases are officially supported by Django: PostgreSQL. MySQL and MariaDB.

The safest option is PostgreSQL. When it comes to MySQL, I've never understood why it's become so popular when PostgreSQL is available. My only answer is that it was better advertised. PostgreSQL is more powerful, easier to use, and provides more comprehensive documentation.

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