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If you want to totally remove the data, you'll need to construct a Django migration (ideally with./ makemigrations) that removes those columns from the database.

  • In SQLite3, create model-related tables.
  • Backend Tables: Insert Model Data
  • In the backend database table, add a new model field.
  • Only use the drop test model table.
  • All model tables should be dropped into a single Django application.

Django Extensions is a collection of custom Django Framework extensions. Management commands, new database fields, admin extensions, and much more are among them.

To delete data in Django, there are two methods to choose from:

  • Using the command line
  • Using the admin interface

In Django, the delete function removes a model instance from the database. There are two ways of deleting data:

  • Using the delete method on a model object
  • Using the delete_by method on a queryset

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