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  • Django Admin Panel

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Execute the command below:

  • $ python createsuperuser. Enter the username you want to use and hit enter.
  • admin is the user name. After that, you'll be asked for your preferred email address:
  • is the email address.
  • Password: ********** Password (again): ********* Superuser created successfully.

By altering the templates used to render pages, you can totally personalise the admin. The sequence in which templates are loaded in the Django template engine is defined. It uses the first template that matches the name when it loads a template. The same directory structure and file names can be used to override admin templates.

The ModelAdmin class is the admin interface's representation of a model. These are usually saved in a file called in your programme.

The Django admin panel has a model concept that is similar to the relational database concept of tables, columns, rows, and records. A single Django model can contain many fields (or attributes) with different types of data such as text, integer, float, datetime or Boolean.

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