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In this tutorial, we will show how to add a user model to the Django admin. In your project, you may have a few models that represent different types of users of your app. For instance, you might have a User model and an Admin model. In order to interact with these models in the admin site, you'll need to add them. This is accomplished with a custom manager for each model under django.contrib.admin in the admin_site/models directory on your project's root folder. This following steps in the django admin. Step 1: $ Python manage .py createsuperuser. Enter the username and press enter. Step 2 : Username: admin Step 3 : and then Email address: Step4 : pw = ****** . Step 5 : re pw = ****** Step 6 : create successfully superuser.

The Django admin is a powerful tool on which many websites are built. It is often the first thing that users will see when they visit your website and it is important that it presents your company in the best possible light. It is easy to customize the Django admin, but some of these options might not be available to you if you’re running a custom theme on your website. This guide walks you through some of the things that can be customized and what can still be done if you’re running a custom theme on your website. This guide also covers how to disable features in order to avoid any conflicts with third-party extensions, such as themes and plugins.

This is a tutorial on how to add an administrator to your model. Step 1 : the main table from django.contrib.import admin. Step 2 : # module name is app1_name.models. Step 3 : from the dept_schoolemp.models admin Department. Step 4 : #Register your module to admin site. Step 5 : And the You can add, edit , update , delete and search your model in your admin site. Step 6 : Adding administrators is pretty straightforward and easy once you know what the different parts of an administrator are and how they work together.

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