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A system test is a software testing technique that relies on an automated process to execute tasks. The goal of the system test is to create a test plan that outlines the steps for testing, and then use automation to execute these tests.

The three main steps in the process of testing are:

  • Define the test objectives and constraints;
  • Design the test plan;
  • Execute the test.

System testing can be done manually or by using automated tools such as simulators or emulators. Some organizations use manual testers for more complex projects while automated tools are used for smaller projects because these are much faster and easier to use.

Some of the benefits of system testing are:

  • Testing for errors early in SDLC can prevent costly mistakes later on
  • Testing for errors early on ensures that business objectives are met
  • Ensuring that systems work as designed before release

System testing is a process of executing a series of tests on the software and hardware systems to identify any defects or bugs before they are released into production.

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