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The benefits of sanity testing are that it can help to identify bugs earlier in the development process. It can also help to develop a more stable product.

Sanity testing is a process that helps to prevent the risk of releasing software that does not work as expected. It also helps to avoid releasing software with bugs. The process can be implemented in many ways, but the most common one is by using unit tests and integration tests.

The term "sanity testing" is often used in the software development industry. It refers to the process of checking that a software does what it is supposed to do.

The purpose of sanity testing is to ensure that the system or application works properly and does not have any bugs in it. Sanity testing can also be used for checking humans’ sanity, such as their mental health.

The person conducting the test is called the examiner. The examiner may be a medical professional or an experienced layperson.

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