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Multiple items can be stored in a single variable using tuples. Tuple is one of four built-in Python data types for storing collections of data; the other three are List, Set, and Dictionary, all of which have different properties and applications. A tuple is an ordered and unchanging collection.

  • Determine whether or not your data should be modified.
  • Tuples are more efficient than lists. If we're going to define a constant set of values that we'll only ever cycle through, we should use Tuple instead of List.
  • Tuples can be used to create an array of elements that can be used as dictionary keys.

Tuple is kept in a single memory block. A tuple is quicker to create than a list. Because two memory blocks must be accessed, creating a list takes longer. A tuple element cannot be removed or replaced.

Tuples are faster than lists since their values are constant. Because they hold immutable values like texts, numbers, and so on, tuples can be used as dictionary keys.

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