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  • Update and Delete Data

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MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system. It is often used in web applications and other websites.

There are three types of updates:

  • Regular Updates: These updates typically contain new content and information about the company's progress. They usually happen on a monthly basis.
  • Major Updates: These updates typically contain new content and information that is not related to the company's progress, such as a product release or major milestone. They usually happen on a quarterly basis.
  • Minor Updates: These updates typically contain minor changes that do not require regular communication with the audience, such as bug fixes or small design changes

It is possible to perform an insert or delete operation on a database when you are working with Python. However, it requires some extra steps and making sure that the database is in sync with the code.

When updating or deleting, you should be careful not to change the value of a key that is not in the array. For example, if you try to update or delete a key that doesn't exist in the list, your code will fail.

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