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A program contains built-in functions, classes, keywords, constants, operators, and other programming components defined in the standard C++ library. In order to use such pre-defined elements in a program, the application must have an appropriate header.

A C++ program's structure. A program is a collection of instructions or statements. A C++ program's structure is made up of these statements. Furthermore, the structure of a C++ program is divided into numerous sections, including headers, class definitions, member function definitions, and the main function.

program organization The overall structure of a program, with a focus on the program's distinct components and their interrelationships. Programs are frequently referred to as either well structured or poorly structured.

Because C is a procedural programming language, it is a function-driven language. Because it is an object-oriented programming language, C++ is an object-driven language. Overloading of functions and operators is not possible in C. C++ supports function and operator overloading.

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