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Actually, highlight the object whose transparency you want to change. Select lpha from the drop-down menu under the Color Effects tab. You should see a slider appear where you may adjust the frame's transparency.

Transitions between different elements of a website is essential to create a smooth user experience. Animations in this case can also be used as a guide for potential customers to see the benefits of your business or service.

  • Animations are used to bring life and motion to a static element in an HTML website. Keyframes are a set of keyframes that can be applied in order, to animate an element from start to end.
  • Opaque pixels are the solid color of a pixel. Opacity is the amount of transparency that is present for each pixel.

In the Effects Controls panel, click the triangle next to the Motion control. To set the initial keyframe, click the Toggle Animation button next to the Position control. Drag the current-time indicator to the frame where you want the animation to end in either the Timeline panel or the Effect Controls panel.

The toggle animation is a design pattern often employed in most modern web design. This can be found on most websites, like Twitter or Facebook. The reason why it has become so popular is that it gives the user an easy way to interact with the website.

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