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PIVOT performs an aggregate and merges many rows in the output into a single row. Because the rows have been merged, UNPIVOT does not reproduce the original table-valued expression result. In addition, null values in UNPIVOT's input vanish in the output.

Transforms columns into rows to rotate a table. UNPIVOT is a relational operator that takes two columns (from a table or a subquery) and a list of columns and creates a row for each of the columns in the list. It is supplied after the table name or subquery in the FROM clause of a query.

The UNPIVOT operator has a similar syntax to the PIVOT one. You must specify the columns you want to add to the output table in the SELECT statement. You will specify two columns in the UNPIVOT statement: The values from the rows of the pivoted columns are in the first column (which is Score in this case).

Filters are a type of filter (computing, databases) To undo a pivot operation by converting columns into rows.

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