Realtime tracking is the practice of monitoring a process in real time. It is used to observe and collect data about the process, with the goal of improving it.

Realtime tracking is a form of digital marketing that allows marketers to track their website's conversion rates and other metrics in real time

The difference between historical and realtime tracking is that historical tracking is the process of recording the user’s activity over a period of time, while realtime tracking is the process of recording the user’s activity in real-time.

The realtime tracking data can help marketers see if a campaign is working or not. It allows them to make adjustments in real time, which is an advantage over other traditional methods of measuring campaigns.

  • Realtime tracking allows for the quick and accurate understanding of your website or app's performance. It is a key component of marketing and analytics.
  • Realtime tracking can be implemented in a variety of ways. This includes using web analytics tools, Google Tag Manager, and custom scripts/plugins.

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