Cloud computing is a type of technology that enables on-demand, self-service and pay-per-use access to software and data. Cloud computing virtualization is the process of transforming physical computers into virtual machines on a cloud. When you have your own computer, it's not just storage and RAM that you have access to. You can also use the features of your specific computer like adding hard drives,

Virtualization allows you to pool physical computing resources such as CPUs, memory, storage, and networking since virtual machines are divorced from the underlying physical hardware. Virtual machines can access these resources on a dynamic and flexible basis.

VMware is a brand name for the products of VMware, Inc. It is a leading provider of virtual server solutions. Cloud computing is a subscription-based service that allows users to access networked storage space and computer resources.

Virtualization allows you to run different operating systems on the hardware of a single physical server, whereas containerization allows you to run many applications on the same virtual machine or server.

Docker is a group of platform as a service (PaaS) solutions that provide software in containers using OS-level virtualization. Containers are self-contained, containing their own software, libraries, and configuration files, and communicating with one another via well-defined channels.

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