Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a term used to describe cloud computing services. Platform as a Service (IaaS). Software as a Service (PaaS). (SaaS) stands for Software as a Service.

Simply described, cloud computing is the distribution of computing services over the Internet ("the cloud") in order to provide speedier innovation, more flexible resources, and economies of scale.

You operate a standard application in the public cloud and access it over the internet with Software as a Service, or SaaS (pronounced s-ah-s). This is the most frequent variety because it is used by everyone.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon's principal earnings generator as the leading cloud computing platform. Servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security are all available through AWS.

Facebook is one of the most well-known IT companies that does not use AWS or Azure. That's why, rather than investing millions on a cloud service like AWS or Azure to host their data, Facebook built its own infrastructure.

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