The system of keeping records, forms, statistics, and data at a business is known as information services. The storage of a client's credit card billing statements at a credit card firm is one example of information services.

An Information Service is a component of an Information System that provides data, knowledge, and information to customers and collects it from contributors, with the option of using administrators to manage and store it.

In business-to-business (B2B) organisations, the value of information service offerings is strongly tied to decision-making processes for purchasing and selling. B2B enterprises aim to provide information that will assist other businesses in selecting a product or service.

In software engineering, an information model is a representation of concepts as well as the relationships, constraints, rules, and operations that are used to provide data semantics for a specific domain of discourse. For the domain context, it can give a sharable, stable, and ordered structure of information requirements or knowledge.

The information systems of a company are usually managed by an information services unit. When the systems are mostly outsourced, this unit is small and focused on aligning the systems with the corporate competitive strategy and overseeing the services provided by the outside company.

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