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Businesses that utilise the double-entry accounting technique, in which each financial transaction impacts at least two sub-ledger accounts and each entry contains at least one debit and one credit transaction, use a general ledger.

  • There are 3 types of Ledgers.
  • Sales Ledger.
  • Purchase Ledger.
  • General Ledger.

Journal and ledger are commonly used in business, accounting, and finance. They are the main types of accounting books that record financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, payments and receipts. Journal is often used by large businesses while ledger is generally used by small businesses

The ledger account is formatted in T. It is split into two sections. The debit side is on the left, and the credit side is on the right. There are four columns on each side.

The ledger's job is to take the entries made in the journal and total up all transactions that effect a particular account. It displays your total monthly Widget A sales, as well as your total payroll and postage expenses for that month.

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