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In computer programming, encapsulation is a programming technique for organizing related bits of data and functions together. Encapsulation is important because it reduces the need for tangling and tangling makes code more complex and hard to manage. The parts of code that belong together are grouped together and given a name (a "capsule") which serves as a standard way of referring to that particular combination.

A Python module is a collection of related functions, classes, and other definitions that are grouped together in one place. A module provides a single interface to its functionality so that other parts of your program don't need to know the details of the implementation.

Encapsulation is a programming technique that helps to maintain the integrity of data, which can be anything from business logic to presentation layer. A programmer can encapsulate data in two ways: by naming it with an identifier or by using brackets.

Python provides a way of grouping together related functions, classes, and other "things" where the parts are defined to semantically belong together. By encapsulating related code, it becomes easier to organize and reason about the program.

Encapsulation is the process of wrapping up data inside a module. This prevents other parts of your program from accessing the data. There are different ways to implement encapsulation in Python. The most common way is to use classes and instances, which allow you to define an object with private members for encapsulation.

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