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  • Fetch all Data and Fetch By Id Data

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Fetchone and Fetchall are used to return one row or all of the rows in a result set respectively. When fetching all the rows in a result set, it is important to use the ORDER BY clause to specify how they should be ordered.

Python has a handy fetchone() and fetchall() function for iterating over sequences. The difference is that fetchone() will return the next element in the sequence, while fetchall() will return all of the elements in the sequence.

Fetching in Python can be done with the help of two separate commands, Fetchone and Fetchall. The Fetchone command retrieves one row at a time, while the Fetchall command retrieves all the rows of a database query.

Fetchone and Fetchall are two commands that can be used when working with SQL. These commands provide a way to simplify the process when using SQL by requesting a single row or column of data at a time.

The fetchone and fetchall functions are used to retrieve rows from a result set. The difference between these two functions is that the fetchone function retrieves only one row from the result set, while the fetchall function retrieves all of them.

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