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  • Tkinter

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Step-by-step instructions are provided:

  • Make the primary menu window.
  • Make the registration window.
  • Python is used to save the user's information in a text file.
  • Check to see if the user's information already exists.
  • Create a login window and confirm the user's identity.

To access the MySQL database, Python requires a MySQL driver. In this tutorial, we'll utilise the "MySQL Connector" driver. To install "MySQL Connector," we propose using PIP. Your Python system most likely already has PIP installed.

  • Connector module for MySQL should be installed. To install MySQL connection Python, use the pip command.
  • Connector module for MySQL should be imported.
  • Use the connect() function to make a connection.
  • The cursor() method can be used.
  • Use the execute() method to put your code into action.
  • Using fetchall, extract the result ()
  • Cursor and connection objects should be closed.

  • Create an OpenID Connect Config File in step one. Make a new file with the name client secrets.
  • Configure Flask-OIDC . Copy and paste the following code into
  • Incorporate the user into each request.
  • Allow users to register, log in, and log out.

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