In CodeIgniter, the main difference between Helper and Library is that Helper is a file with a set of functions in a specific category that is not written in an Object Oriented format, whereas Library is a class with a set of functions that allows creating an instance of that class that is written in an Object Oriented format.

Libraries are an important aspect of the CodeIgniter system. It comes with a large number of libraries that help to speed up the development of applications. The system library can be found in the system/libraries directory. All we have to do now is load the library we wish to work with.

A helper function is a function that does a portion of another function's calculation. Helper functions are used to make your programmes more readable by giving computations descriptive names. They also, like functions in general, allow you to reuse computations.

Each assistance file is only a collection of functions belonging to a specific category. It's just a bunch of procedural functions. Each helper function carries out a single task and is independent of other functions. Because Helper Files are not loaded by default in CodeIgniter, the first step in utilising one is to load it.

There are helpers in CodeIgniter that can assist you with various tasks. Every helper file is a set of functions aimed at completing a specific task.

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