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Installation of Python and IDE

Hello everyone, welcome to Learnvern.

In the last video we saw Introduction to Python.

Meaning we got to know about Python like what is Python, what kind of language is Python.

We saw all sorts of information about Python.

Now we will see from where to download Python, how to set it up and how to set up its IDE.

So what is the first thing we have to do?

First of all, we have to Install Python.

We will download Python, install it & then use Jupyter IDE in our course.

I will also show you practically how we will install it after the installation of Python.

What we have to do is open Google Chrome.

You have to open Google.

Type which is its official website.

The website will open up.

If you are using Windows OS then you got to select Windows OS, if you are using MacOS, you’ll select that, if you are using Linux or any other platforms then you got to select that.

We are using Windows right now so I’ll select Windows.

Here, Python’s latest version which is 3.9.6 is available here.

What we will do is, we will click on Window Installer under 3.9.6 and it will start downloading it.

After the downloading finishes, click on it & click on Run.

Now the wizard for the installation of the set up is open.

One thing you must remember regarding this wizard is that you have to tick mark this “Add Python 3.9 to Path” box.

It is compulsory to tick mark this box without fail as because of this box, your environment path just like you used to set the environment path in Java, in the same way you have to set the environment path in Python.

But Python will automatically set that environment path for you.

That is why it is very necessary to click on “Add Python 3.9 to PATH”

Then click on Install Now. Your Installation process will start.

Your setup will get installed. Okay?

We will wait a bit more as the process is still On.

Set is installed. Setup was successful. Close it.

Now what do you have to do?

Go to Search. Type Run.

Type cmd. cmd will open up.

Why did we open cmd? Because we have to install Jupyter.

As I told you...install Python3. The installation is already done..

Now we have to Install IDE. IDE is where we are going to do coding.

So to install that code, you have to use Jupyter.

Jupyter is an IDE.

What do you have to do to install an IDE?

Pip Install Jupyter.

This is its installation command.

You don’t have to go to any websites, you only have to write this command.

As you’ll click Enter, the installation process will be completed.

Later when you type Jupyter Notebook, it will open up here over the browser. Okay?

This is an IDE.

So this is how you can install the software. Alright?

And if any of you have any doubts, you can ask on

You can raise topic wise queries over there.

And if you want to download any file, you can go in description and download the file.


In the next video the topic we are going to see is Basic Syntax of Python where we will start the basic commands in Python.

Thank You guys.


To get started, go to the PyCharm IDE website and download the installer. The procedure is the same as with Python: run the installer, grant Windows permission to install a non-Microsoft application, then wait for it to complete.

Go to the Python website's download page with your web browser. Select the most recent Windows x86 MSI Installer (at the time of writing, python-3.2.3.msi) and click the link to download the.msi installer. Install the software (note: IE 9 will offer you this option when you click on the link). Click the Next > button after selecting Install for all users (the default option). Keep the default destination directory (C:Python32) and click the Next > button once again. In the Customize Python 3.2.3 dialogue, don't make any changes; simply click Next > again. If you're asked if you want this programme to be able to install software on your computer, select Yes. When the installation is finished, click the Finish button.

WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC, and so on. Jet Brains invented PyCharm, which is one of the most extensively used Python IDEs. It is one of the top Python IDEs. PyCharm is all a Python developer needs to get things done.

To start developing in Python with PyCharm you need to download and install Python from depending on your platform. PyCharm supports the following versions of Python: ... Python 3: from the version 3.6 up to the version 3.11.

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