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Hello students. How are you all?

I hope everybody has completed their Python Course.

We learnt a lot of things in this course.

I explained all the topics to you from scratch to advance as well as demonstrated them practically.

We started from Introduction to Python, then I taught you how to install, how the installation process works in Python.

Then we moved ahead slowly towards variables, operators etc.

Then we worked with Conditional Statement, we worked with For Loop, we also worked with the Python Collection in which we saw how List, Tuple, Dictionary work practically, how to use them & how we can use them in future as well.

We saw all of that practically.

Thereafter, I also used some concepts of Advanced Python where we saw how Python also works as an Object Oriented Language.

In Advance Python as well we threw light on File Handling & how it works.

 I also explained the Oops concept in Python such as Class, Object, Inheritance, Method Overloading, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation.

I covered all of these concepts practically too.

Then we moved ahead to Database.

How you can do Database connectivity with Python.

How with Python, you can perform your Crud operation over your database.

I explained everything practically to you.

You also performed the practicals along with me & then we moved on to GUI Based Tkinter.

Where I made a whole GUI based application & how database connectivity works.

I hope you have completed the Assignments from each & every topic.

I believe you all must have solved all the Assignments successfully.

If any of you have not finished them, I request you to complete it as they have been created specially for your practice.

Solving those Assignments will help you to understand the concept better.

We have also provided Interview questions.

As in what questions can be asked regarding Python that will help you study to crack the interview easily.

You will find the video at the end of this course.

This is what we saw in Python.

See & understand all the videos once.

Also try them out practically & try to understand the topic properly.

If you still want to raise any queries, you can go to

And raise topic wise queries over there.

Plus if you need any practical file, you can download the file from the description from

So this is all for today & for this course.

I hope you’ve enjoyed studying this course.

Hope you’ve understood all the practicals as well.

This will increase your scope & will help you to crack the interview.

I’d like to add 1 more thing that is you are not learning Python for any specific aspect.

Python has a vast scope.

Like after working with Python, you can work with AI, you can work with Data Analysis, you can work with Deep Learning too, Machine Learning, Web Development…

Now Python is even a mobile application.

Python has recently launched a new framework called KIVY Framework.

By using this framework, you can make a mobile application through Python as well.

You now know what huge benefit Python has.

Learning this 1 language will help you move on in your career.

Thank you everyone for learning through LearnVern.

Thank you for completing Learnvern’s Python course.


Python is a dynamically semantic, interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language. Python's concise, easy-to-learn syntax prioritises readability, which lowers software maintenance costs. Modules and packages are supported by Python, which fosters programme modularity and code reuse.

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. It is a general-purpose, high-level language.Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. It's simple and clean syntax makes it perfect for beginners. Learning Python will be a great addition to your resume if you're looking for a job as a software developer or engineer.

  • Data science.
  • Scientific and mathematical computing.
  • Web development.
    Finance and trading.
  • System automation and administration.
  • Computer graphics.
  • Basic game development.
  • Security and penetration testing.

This is due to the language's emphasis on readability and ease of coding. Python is also the world's fastest-growing programming language. Because of its high-level, interpreted, and object-oriented architecture, it is suitable for a wide range of software applications.

A web developer with Python expertise might earn between Rs 8,00,000 per year. Other relevant jobs include lead software engineer (up to Rs 2,000,000 per year), data scientist (up to Rs 7,00,000 per year), machine learning engineer (up to Rs 6,70,000 per year), data analyst (up to Rs 4,17,000 per year), and more.

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