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There can be numerous threads associated with each programme. The thread scheduler uses the priority of each thread to determine which thread should run first. Java provides a thread class with multiple method calls for managing thread behaviour by providing constructors and methods for performing thread activities.

Thread facilities are often offered to a class in one of two ways: We'll concentrate on extending Thread rather than implementing Runnable on this page. Thread is a class that aids in multi-threading. To offer multi threading features to a class, we can inherit the Thread class.

We can't extend any other class when we extend Thread, even if we need to. We can save a space for our class when we implement Runnable so that we can extend any other class in the future or right now. When we extend the Thread class, each of our threads produces and associates with a unique object.

An extended class can be defined as a Java class that is written in such a way that it can be loaded by another class, which is called the parent class or superclass. The parent class will then use the extended classes capabilities for its own purposes, such as providing more functionality or extending other classes in the hierarchy.

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