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The Java TreeMap class is based on a red-black tree. It allows you to store key-value pairs in sorted order quickly. The following are the key features of the Java TreeMap class: The key determines the values in a Java TreeMap. It extends the AbstractMap class and implements the NavigableMap interface. Only unique elements are found in the Java TreeMap.

The purpose of a treemap in Java programming language is to provide an effective way of displaying hierarchical data.

A treemap is a great way to visualize the relative importance of different aspects of your business. For example, if you wanted to know the relative importance of your top three products, you could create a treemap with them as the columns and your top three products as rows. The height would represent how important each product is in relation to one another.

A treemap can be created in Java using the Treemap class. The first step is to create a TreeNode object and then iterate through it's children and add them to the parent node. After adding all the nodes, you can start iterating through the parent node's children and adding them to their parents until you have all of your items on one level.

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