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It's a static method that puts the thread to sleep for the amount of time specified in the argument. It returns the thread to a state of waiting. It's utilised to bring the suspended thread back to life. Pre-requisites: The fundamental syntax and methods for dealing with threads Now let's figure out how to change the thread's name.

When a thread is waiting for resources, it is in the Blocked state. When a thread reaches this condition, it halts its execution immediately at any point in time. A thread is generated by extending the Thread class or "generating or implementing" the Runnable Interface.

A Thread is a very light-weight process, or the smallest portion of the process, that allows a programme to do numerous jobs at the same time, allowing it to function more effectively. The Thread idea in Java was used to do complex operations in the background. All tasks are completed without interfering with the primary application.

Threads allow for parallelism. The threads can be created to perform different tasks or work on different data sets without interfering with each other. Threads can also be used to implement time-sharing systems, where only one thread executes at a time but many are available for executing code at any given time.

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