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The benefits of using string class methods in Java include the ability to perform string-related operations with less code. String class methods also make it easier to maintain and reuse code across multiple projects.

String class methods are a type of method that can be used with strings and provide functions on them. These functions can be used to manipulate strings or return a string result. The most common string class methods are indexOf(), substring(), replace(), join(), split() and trim().

String class methods are a set of methods that help us to create, manipulate, and search for strings in Java. String class provides a lot of functionality including string concatenation, substring extraction, and pattern matching. Let's look at the different types of string class methods one by one:

The String class is a fundamental java class that provides methods to manipulate strings in Java. The methods are divided into two categories - string operations and string manipulation. The string operations include concatenation, substring, indexOf, replace and split.

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