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Multithreading in Core Java

In the previous video we have covered about FileInputStream and Console Class in Java programming language. In this video we are going to see that what is Multithreading in Java.

Concurrency is the ability to run several programs or several parts of a program in parallel. A program in Java in execution is often referred as process. A process of executing multiple threads simultaneously is known as Multithreading in Java programming language.

Thread is basically a lightweight sub-process, a smallest unit of processing. Java Multithreading is mostly used in games, animation etc...

The following are the advantages of Multithreading in Java programming :
1. It doesn't block the user because threads are independent and you can perform multiple operations at same time.
2. You can perform many operations together so it saves time.
3. Threads are independent so it doesn't affect other threads if exception occur in a single thread.

So, this is a small definition to understand what is Multithreading in Java programming. In the next video we are going to see that what are Collections in Java programming.


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