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The boxing handling type is suitable for when you want to create objects with primitive numeric values but have them behave like objects with reference semantics, or if you need a different representation of numbers than what exists in Java's primitive numeric class.

Some of the most common types of handling in Java are:

  • Primitive: Primitive objects are objects that do not have any reference and do not contain any fields or methods. Examples are int and String.
  • Reference: Reference objects are objects that have references to other objects, which can be either primitive or reference type as well
  • Object: Object handles instances of classes as well as other types of references. It also has fields and methods like primitive or reference type do.

The first step in establishing an effective handling strategy is to identify the different types of customers who need to be handled and their respective needs. The next step is to identify the different types of products or services that are being sold by the company and their respective needs. The final step is to create customer personas for each type of customer, product, and service with their respective needs in mind.

Exceptions are one of the most important features that Java offers to developers. They help us to handle errors and exceptions gracefully. In this article, we will discuss how exceptional handling can be used in Java. We will also talk about the benefits and downsides of using it.

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