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  • The JRE Installer can be downloaded here.
  • Go to the Java SE Runtime Environment 10 Downloads page in your browser.
  • Download the JRE installation that best suits your needs.
  • Accept the licence agreement, and then, under the Download option, select the link for the installer for your Windows version.

JDK normally includes both development and run-time environments, so you won't need to install JRE. If you install JDK, JRE will be pre-installed. To do javac

Because it is integrated or inherent in both JDK and JRE, the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is a highly significant aspect of both. Whatever Java programme you execute with JRE or JDK goes into JVM, and JVM is responsible for line-by-line execution of the Java programme, so it is also known as an interpreter.

Then select Environment Variables from the Advanced menu. Look for the JAVA HOME system variable under System Variables. The JAVA HOME path should point to the location where you saved the JRE installation file.

On the same computer, the JDK and JRE versions may differ. On the same computer, multiple JDK and JRE versions are permitted; it is preferable to determine which version is specified in the system classpath in order to start or build the Java programme.

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