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In Java, wrapper classes are used. In Java, the wrapper class allows you to transform primitives to objects and objects to primitives. Since J2SE 5.0, the autoboxing and unpacking features automatically transform primitives to objects and objects to primitives.

When a line is full, line wrap continues on a new line so that each line fits into the viewing window, allowing text to be read from top to bottom without having to scroll horizontally.

Because the classes in the java.util package only deal with objects, wrapper classes come in handy here as well. ArrayList and Vector are data structures in the Collection framework that store only objects (reference types), not primitive kinds. In multithreading, an object is required to support synchronisation.

Java Wrap Up is a tool for Java programmers to easily wrap up their code. It helps them to write clean and concise code that can be reused in multiple projects.

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