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A method is a section of code that only executes when it is invoked. Parameters are data that can be passed into a method. Methods, often known as functions, are used to carry out certain tasks.

In Java, there are two types of methods: Method that has been pre-defined. Method that is defined by the user.

A Java method is a set of statements that are used to complete a task. When you use the System. out. println() method to display a message on the console, for example, the system really runs many statements.

The main method in Java is the starting point for any Java programme. It always has the same syntax: public static void main(String[] args). Only the name of the String array argument can be changed; for example, args can be changed to myStringArgs.

Class methods are methods that are called on the class as a whole, rather than on a specific instance of an object. The static modifier ensures that the implementation is consistent across all instances of the class. Many common Java built-in classes (such as Math) include static methods (such as Math.

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