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Enviornment Setup in Java

In our previous video we have seen that what is JVM, the Virtual machine in Java. In this video we are going to see that how we can set an Environment for Java programming.

To run Java properly in our system we need some basic things like,
- JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
- JDK (Java Development Kit)
- SDK (System Development Kit)

To run Java program we must have JRE (Java Run Time Environment).

In order to write and run your Java programs, you must have the JDK (Java Development Kit).

We can simply write Java program in notepad and then can run it in our command prompt.

JDK stands for Java Development Kit. While JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment. It is used to provide runtime environment. It is the implementation of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that JDK physically exists. It contains JRE+ development tools.

It contains set of libraries+other files that Java Virtual Machine uses at runtime. If we want to run our program in any other software then we compulsory need Java Virtual Machine. With the help of Java Virtual Machine our program converts to BYTECODE and then we can run in on any desired software.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is an abstract machine. It performs following main tasks :
- Loads code
- Verifies code
- Executes code
- Provide Runtime Environment where we can see the execution of our program.

So this is what all we need to set up and run Java language flawlessly. In the next video we will see and study different types of Data types of Core Java and then look every single one of them individually.


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