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The best way to answer an interview question is by being honest about your skills and experience. If you can't provide the specific answer, try to give a general response.

  • What Is The Variable?
  • How To Declare A Variable In Java?
  • How To Assign A Value To Variable?
  • What Is Variable Initialization?
  • Can We Declare And Initialize A Variable Together?
  • Why Is Specifying DataType Mandatory In Java?
  • How Many Types Of Datatypes Are There In Java?

Variables defined at the class level are known as instance variables. Instance variables are automatically initialised to their default values, thus they don't need to be initialised before use.

Variables in Python have types, which are determined by the values to which they are bound when their types are checked. Unlike tightly typed languages, however, Python allows you to use different forms of data to set existing variables.

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