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  • Constructors are used to create objects, while inheritance is used to create new classes from existing ones. The constructor of an object is executed when the object is created, while the superclass constructor is executed first before the subclass constructor can be executed.
  • Inheritance allows us to reuse code in a class without having to rewrite it every time we need it, as well as share functionality across multiple classes without having to re-implement it over and over again.

Java provides two ways of creating constructors:

  • By using a constructor keyword and specifying the class name in parentheses, followed by the constructor parameters; or
  • By using a static block with the same parameters as above.

The first way is more commonly used, because it requires less code to create a constructor in Java.

A function Object() { [native code] } is similar to a method in that it is called when a class object is created. It is typically used to initialise a class's instance variables. The constructors have the same name as the class they belong to and no return type.

Constructors have access to all fields and methods of a class that is being created. They are also responsible for initializing these fields and methods with default values when they are not specified in the constructor parameters. Constructor parameters must always be specified in the order in which they appear in the source code.

There are many benefits to inheritance, but one of the most important ones is that it makes your classes more reusable. You can inherit from a base class and then use that as a template for creating new classes with different properties or behaviors.

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