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The transient keyword restricts the scope of a variable so that it is defined within the block it's declared, but not outside of it. The transient keyword can be used to prevent errors due to variable name collisions.

Deserialization is the process of converting a data structure from one representation to another. It is used in computer programming as a way to convert data from one type to another.

Deserialization is usually done to convert objects stored in JSON format to Java objects, but deserialization can also be used for other purposes including parsing XML and loading binary files.

This term is used in Java programming language. The transient keyword is used to mark a class as not being serializable and therefore cannot be saved to disk.

Serialization is used to convert an object or data into a stream of bytes, which can then be saved to a file or transmitted over a network. Serialization is often used for the purpose of exchanging data between two different systems. Serialization is also used to convert Java objects into byte arrays, which are then stored in files on disk.

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