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Data Types in Java

In our previous video of Core Java we have seen that how we can setup Environment for Java programming language and what are requirements, now in this video we are going to see what are the Data types in Java programming language.

Any computer memory stores arbitrary bit patterns in it. The meaning of a bit pattern depend on how it's use is and the pattern use for a particular string of bits is a data type. In Java there are two types of data types, first one are Primitive data types and other one are Non Primitive data types.

The Primitive data types are the data types built into a programming language. And in total there are eight primitive data types supported by Java.

The data types which are derived from primary data types are known as Non Primitive data types. This data types are used to store group data.

We can see that Primitive data types are further divided into 'Boolean' and 'Numeric', in which Numeric data types contains Character and Integral. There are many integral data types in Java programming language such as byte, short, int, long, float, double.

While Non primitive data types are classified into mainly two, ie. String and Array.

  1. Data type - Boolean, Data Value - false, Default size - 1 bit
  2. Data type - Char, Data Value - '\u0000', Default size - 2 byte
  3. Data type - Byte, Data Value - 0, Default size - 1 byte
  4. Data type - Short, Data Value - 0, Default size - 2 byte
  5. Data type - Int, Data Value - 0, Default size - 4 byte
  6. Data type - Long, Data Value - 0L, Default size - 8 byte
  7. Data type - Float, Data Value - 0.0f, Default size - 4 byte
  8. Data type - Double, Data Value - 0.0d, Default size - 8 byte

So, this were the main Data types which we are going to use in our further Core Java training. In the next video we will see what are the Core Java Identifiers.


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