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Method overloading is used to provide compile-time polymorphism. Method overloading refers to the ability to have multiple methods with the same name. Compile-Time Polymorphism is the name given to this technique since it occurs during the compilation phase.

The benefits of compile time polymorphism are numerous. One major benefit is that it improves performance and reliability. This is because the compiler can generate more optimized code during compilation. Compile time polymorphism also allows for easier debugging and testing because there are fewer runtime errors which would have been detected at compile time.

Compile time polymorphism is implemented in Java by using virtual methods and interfaces. The compiler generates a class file for each of the possible implementations of an interface and then uses reflection to invoke the appropriate method at runtime.

There are two types of compilation time polymorphism:

  • Function-based polymorphism: This type of compilation time polymorphism is based on the idea that the compiler can be made to generate a different version of the program depending on which function it calls.
  • Object-based polymorphism: This type of compilation time polymorphism is based on the idea that each object has its own version of an operation, and that these versions can be selected at runtime.

In the world of software development, compile time polymorphism is a type of polymorphism that happens at compile time. It is when the compiler can determine which function or method to call, based on the argument types passed in. This saves time and resources by avoiding having to have multiple functions with different implementations.

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