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A similar object is one that can compare itself to another. The class must implement the java.lang package. To compare its instances, it has a comparable interface. Consider a Movie class with members who include things like rating, name, and year.

The compareTo() method returns an int value that is either positive, negative, or zero, depending on the case. It compares the objects by making a call to the argument's object. The object making the call is "less" than the argument when the integer is negative.

The Comparable interface is implemented by classes that implement the java.lang.Comparable interface. It provides a way for you to compare two objects without having to explicitly implement equals or hashCode methods.

Comparable is not a required method, but it can be used when you have an object of a class that has either no equals() or hashCode() methods.

A comparable interface is a user interface that is designed to be similar to the existing one. It should be able to do what the current one does and ideally, it should also have some added features.

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