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Because it averages all of the values in the data set, the mean is the most commonly used measure of central tendency. The median is better than the mean for data from skewed distributions since it is unaffected by exceptionally big numbers.

The median is the value in the middle of the data set that separates the upper and lower halves. For ordinal data, where values are ranked relative to each other but not quantified absolutely, the median and mode are the only measures of central tendency that may be utilised.

If your sample is regularly distributed, you may use either the mean or the median as a measure of central tendency. In fact, the mean, median, and mode of any symmetrical distribution are all the same.

When there are extreme values or outliers, the median is a better measure of the centre since it is unaffected by the specific numerical values of the outliers. The mean is the most widely used metric for determining the centre.

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