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Statistics is a collection of mathematical approaches and tools that allow us to solve crucial data queries. It's split into two sections: Descriptive Statistics - This provides ways for summarising data by translating raw observations into understandable and shareable information.

Data scientists need to comprehend the core concepts of descriptive statistics and probability theory, according to Elite Data Science, a data science educational platform. These topics include probability distribution, statistical significance, hypothesis testing, and regression.

Important Data Science ideas include statistics, visualisation, deep learning, and machine learning.

Statistics not only assist us in comprehending what we have, but also lead us to expand our horizons. We can deduce significant results about the full scope (i.e. population) using statistics based on a small set of data (i.e. sample). Inferential statistics is the name given to this branch of statistics.

Statistics is the science and, in some ways, the art of deriving knowledge from data. It is concerned with the gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data, as well as the effective communication and presentation of data-based results.

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