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Our today's topic is difference between and

By using we can host our own blog or website. In we will find the free wordpress software that we can download and install on our own web server.

When we open and in two different tabs of of our browser. In we will see that it is asking us to download Wordpress, which will contain all the necessary files of Wordpress and once installed we can use it.

To use Wordpress we first need to download Wordpress, after that we need to buy one domain name, than next step is to choose one hosting plan and buy it, after that install it on the server, and than atlast use Wordpress.

Most hosting companies provide instruction or services to install wordpress for you inside them only.

Now when we open we will see that we do not require anything to download. We just need to create website directly in it. For that we need to enter the domain and choose the hosting and start using it.

Advantages of is that it is an Open and free source for everyone. We have control over everything in We have no limitation in

Advantages of is that it is totally free forever, and it requires no software maintenance. It is always live and always fast. But there are some slight disadvantages of which is that we cannot add any external plugins.

In we have different kind of plans provided by them. Plans are of different types, suppose if we want to add our custom domain than plan is different, otherwise we can also start by the subdomain of them ie. ‘’ at No Cost.

So after comparing we can see that using will be beneficial for us because if we want to do any kind of coding in it then we can do that by using FTP panel provided in


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