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Wordpress Installation

Wordpress Installation Tutorial


In this video we are going to learn about Wordpress installation, ie. how to install Wordpress tutorial.

For Apache server installation we are going to install XAMPP to our device and for development tools we will install Notepad or Notepad++ any one.

So first we will download Notepad++ software by going to it's official site from Google. As we download it's setup we will install it to our PC.

Now to download XAMPP we will use '' and will download it first as our PC's capability ie. 32-bit or 64-bit. After that we need to install the setup which we downloaded for XAMPP.

Now we will search XAMPP control panel in our PC and open it. After that we need to start our XAMPP control panel by starting Apache and MySQL modules.

As soon as the installation of XAMPP finishes, there will be one folder named as 'XAMPP' in our selected drive. We need to open that folder and then go to another folder named 'htdocs'. Here we will see all the application which we will need to start with.

After that we need to download wordpress therefore we will go to and download it's zip file. After downloading the zip file we will extract it, and then we need to rename the folder's name to 'wordpress' and paste all the content directly to it which we extracted in order to have no extra directory.

Now after all this we will copy that 'wordpress' folder and then paste it into 'htdocs' folder inside the XAMPP folder. It will hence start running.

Now we need to go to about browser and write 'localhost' and then we will see that dashboard of XAMPP is open in front of our screen.

Now after that if we want to see the database of our website than we can write 'localhost:portname/phpmyadmin/' in our browser and search. We will than see the database where things will get stored.

Now we need to run our wordpress so therefore we will write 'localhost:portname/wordpress' and search it in our browser. As we do this we will be asked to configure our wordpress, firstly by selecting any language.

After that we will be asked to give Database name, so therefore we will give 'wordpress' as database name in PHPMYADMIN. Next we will set username as 'root' and leave blank in the place of password.

After that we will keep 'localhost' as our database host and then submit everything.

Hence, in last we will be asked to 'Run the install' and as soon as installation get completed, the second step is to provide some needful information.

We will provide Site title, Username and Password for accessing our admin panel from anywhere. Also our email address and then press 'Install WordPress' button.

Hence the installation of wordpress is completed and after that we will select the database, and see that there are 12 tables automatically created.

To access our wordpress website as an Admin we need to login with the credentials we provided while installing WordPress.


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